Preserving Precious Event Moments: The Power of Professional Photography

Capturing your event's magic forever is a big deal. Sometimes, those special moments fade from memory too fast. That's where a skilled photographer like me comes in, preserving every highlight for you to cherish.

Picture this: flipping through an album or scrolling a gallery full of stunning pics that instantly take you back to the vibe and beauty of your event. These photos bring back all the feels, letting you relive the emotions you felt in real time.

I cover a wide range of events, from intimate parties to corporate milestones, vibrant birthdays to thoughtful conferences. I'm all about capturing your event's essence.

I specialize in everything from gala dinners to festivals, tradeshows to graduations, and product launches to brand events. There's no event too big or too small for my lens.

So, think about how much a professional photographer can do to preserve your event's memories. I'm here to capture every moment, big or small, so you, your guests, and even future generations can revisit them with joy.


Will there be a travel fee for my session?

We are located in Greatwood, Texas. There is no travel fee for homes in the range of 20 miles or less (Round Trip). For locations that exceed 20 miles round trip there will be a federal going rate charge of 65.5 cents/mile.
To accurately determine this fee, please find the non-toll route between Greatwood, TX, and your property address on google map. Then, calculate the round trip distance by multiplying it by 2. If the resulting total exceeds 20 miles, then multiply the number by 0.65 to calculate the travel fee.
Travel fees for all invoices above $450 and in the range of 70 miles (Round Trip) will be waived.

How do I receive my final photos?

Upon completion, your finalized photos will be delivered digitally through a personalized collection link sent via email. Additionally, printed versions of the photos are available for purchase if desired.

How many photos do I receive?

Event photography sessions encompass all high-quality digital photos captured during the event. Anticipate receiving approximately 40-50 photos for each hour booked.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit events?

We provide discounts for non-profit events. Please reach out to me for further details and information regarding this offer.