Taking Real Estate Marketing to New Heights: The Impact of Aerial Photography

To stay relevant in today’s market, real estate agents need to keep up with the latest technology and make sure they are showcasing their homes to the best of their abilities. There are certain listings and certain properties that demand a more in-depth view in order to do it justice. This is where aerial photography and videos can make all of the difference.

Aerial photos can be a valuable addition to a property's marketing strategy because they provide a unique perspective on a property and its surroundings, they can showcase the property's location, size, relationship to the surrounding area, unique features, proximity to nearby amenities and services. They can also be used to showcase commercial properties and highlight their location, size, accessibility and visibility. 


Twilight Photography


5 professionally edited high quality exterior photos. Additional photos will be $15 each. Wind Conditions determine Aerial Photography appointments. $1 Million liability coverage and Operated by an FAA Certified Remote Pilot. All prices are subject to tax.